Cole Valley

At its center are hand-built pocketed innersprings from which layers of additional pressure-relief NanoCoils®, Talalay Latex, Alpaca fleece, EcoWool®, & Supima cotton radiate outwards.

H. Alora Luxury Beds

Best Price Guarantee

Our family owned mattress store has serviced the area for over 17 years.  Our commitment is to not only improve people's sleep but also provide the best price possible.  We will beat any competitor pricing by 5%. Schedule your private consultation below and change the way you sleep! 



Tufting is a tried, true and traditional way of mattress making where tufts, made of a woven tape material, are driven all the way through the mattress at regular intervals. This technique aligns and holds in place the many layers of filling materials with the steel spring coil system, resulting in a precisely cushioned, supremely comfortable sleep surface.


Natural Materials

Layer upon layer of buoyant filling materials envelop the McRoskey coil system, creating a resilient comfort that ensures you'll sleep soundly night after night for years to come.


Enjoy even more layers of breathable, buoyant natural fibers and with ultra-conforming innersprings. These comfort ingredients are masterfully hand-layered and hand-tufted together in harmony to alleviate pressure points and provide deep, peaceful sleep.

All-Natural Comfort Layers

Every McRoskey from our Modern Collection is always a 100% natural, double-sided, hand-layered and hand-tufted work of artistry. Absolutely no foams, adhesives, toxic materials, chemical flame retardants, or off-gassing substances.

Ever-Softening Supima Cotton of California

Ultra Soft & Resilient Fine-Combed Cashmere

Lustrously Soft & Sustainably Sourced Alpaca Fleece

Hypoallergenic & Flame Resistant EcoWool

2 Inches of Ventilated & Buoyant All-Natural Talalay Latex

Resilient & Breathable Horsehair Cushioning

Two Cooling Tiers of Dynamically Responsive Softech® MicroCoils

Proprietary & Hand-Built Pocketed Innerspring Design


Original & iconic “Framing Fog” woven fabric design honoring 120+ years of San Francisco heritage

Modern flat black metal airlets meticulously applied by hand

Reinforced, double box-stitched handles with harmonized pattern design

Handcrafted self-welt tape edge

Genuine leather & fine woven labeling


All McRoskey box springs feature a pocketed coil design and are constructed to work in concert with a McRoskey mattress

All responsive box springs are offered in 6″, 8″ and 11″ height options

King size box springs are split, which means they are always two pieces

If you choose not to order a McRoskey box spring, please note that the feel will be firmer than what you’d experience in the showroom


Available in both a Gentle, Relaxed or Firm comfort selection

The Cole Valley mattresses are 14" tall

All McRoskey mattresses are handcrafted and strictly adhere to our standards of excellence. This demands that final dimensions can have no variances greater than plus or minus 1 inch